Julie Solberg. The Courageous Lady

Julie Solberg’s dream about helping children in Africa became the reality and today is the NGO Child Africa. Julie grew up in Norway, where she met her husband Rino Solberg. After sponsoring about 10 children in Uganda for some time Julie and Rino Solberg decided to include their family and friends, in order to make a greater impact and help more children

In 1991, the couple started “Solberg Children Help Organization”, a private entity. All donations given by sponsors went directly to the children to pay for school fees and books. There was no money for administration, so the Solberg’s worked together with Julie’s family and friends in Uganda; everybody’s time was given on voluntarily. 

All work was dependant on the people’s good hearts and will to help.
In 1997 the name changed to Child Africa and the organization was registered as a NGO in Norway.

In 2002, Child Africa’s first university student graduated from Makerere University in Kampala. Aisha Kugunda was sponsored through Child Africa for almost 10 years before she graduated. In 2011, three more Child Africa children graduated from Universities in Uganda. The Child Africa sponsorship program helps children from kindergarten until a qualification is obtained, be it at university or vocational college. Thus, giving a child a future and the ability to help their family and fellow countrymen.

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Child Africa Success Story

We believe we have areason to be proud of all we have managed to do with minimum of funds over the years. On this page of the website you can view the pictorial story of how the current success was obtained with no shortcuts.

However, it has all been made possible through the hardwork of the one julie solberg.

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