Sponsor a School Project

Give Care and Education

We are a charity organization undertaking school projects to give poor East African children care and high quality education. By building our own schools based on charity donations and fund-raising, we will have good teachers, good food, good study content and teach the children to be self-sufficient. Many children will have to live at school for a number of reasons. By giving a charity donation to support our school projects, your help will give many a poor child good learning conditions and facilities.

What exactly does your charity donation sponsor?

A school consists of several parts with different costs. It is optional which part of a school you wish to give a charitable donation to. You can choose among different buildings, rooms and inventories. Our charity donation list shows people and organizations that have given a charitable donation to our school projects. When you give a charitable donation, your can chose if you want your name or your organization's name to be shown on Child Africa's charity donation list.

You can sponsor our school projects here: www.childafrica.org